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One-on-one training (in-person or via Zoom Coaching)


Personal Session, $65

Couples Session, $100

10 sessions, $585 (10% discount)

20 sessions, $975 (25% discount)

Group rate, varies

Initial consultation is free.

Remote training


Sign up on the "Members" tab to gain access to 3 workouts per week

Workouts appropriate for gym or home

$10/week for access, invoiced monthly


Contact Beth at to set up your personalized remote program.  Three workouts per week tailored to your needs.  TrueCoach app used to communicate workouts with photo and video and allows communication between client and trainer.  Also includes emails/newsletter on nutrition and other health related topics and access to the Cinnamon Steel Remote community.

$25/week, invoiced as desired


Add a Zoom  or in-person one-on-one coaching session with Beth to your remote program.  $35/session

Must be signed up for the "Good" or "Better" program to take advantage of this discount.



Equipment Rental

Rent fitness equipment for use at home.  Subject to availability.

Items available:  barbells, pairs of weight plates, pairs of dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, bands


1-2 items, $5/week, 3-5 items, $10/week, 6+ items, $15/week*

*Must be within 10 miles of Lafayette, CO

Lokte Method

Individual Session, $65

5 session pack, $250

Individual Session for current clients, $45

5 session pack for current clients, $150

Lokte adder to personal training session, $25

Gift Cards

Give the gift of fitness



Personal training sessions are roughly 45 minutes to an hour in duration and are payable at the time of the session.  There is no minimum number of sessions to book.  Discounts are available with prepayment.


Get the benefit of Cinnamon Steel training systems for a more affordable rate!  Plans can be customized for anyone!  3 month minimum.  Payable in installments as desired.

           LOKTE METHOD
45 minute bodywork sessions.



I offer body composition measurements and analysis.  Additionally, I can do body composition + a basic fitness assessment.

Contact me to set up an appointment.

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